myidhotels - the new face of idDeals hotels is the new URL for our hotels database.

What is different -

1. Maps, maps, maps. You can now see the location of each property in the searched destination that offers genuine airline industry hotel rates (always subject to occupancy levels and availability)

2. Inserting your own location on the map will give you directions to the selected property. Handy if you are stuck at an unfamiliar airport!

3. For now you will have to use a new password to use the site. Sssh, it's myidhotels
We will remove the need for this as soon as we can

4. We have removed many of the properties where we have found from experience that airline rates were rarely offered, and also some of those that no longer provide a single common rate code for all airlines (e.g. Hilton)

5. Remember, you may find comparable rates on other public sites, but in general the advantage of airline industry rates is that they can usually be cancelled up until a short time prior to arrival. Not always the case, but very often!