who we are

Serving airline employees since 2001

idDeals has built its reputation by serving airline employees since August 2001. We are the leading airline employee site that gives a forecast of the number of unsold seats for standby. And we are the only site with links to over 11,000 global hotel properties showing their airline industry rates, not just cheap deals available elsewhere.

Built by an airline insider

The founder owner of idDeals, Iain Webster, is an airline industry insider who has spent over 20 years in senior commercial management positions with 3 different airlines. He has visited over 65 countries, non-revving on everything from jump seats to Concorde. There is very little he does not know about 'id' travel.

Truly global

idDeals covers the world. It is not just for employees in one global region.


We are based in the UK and are subject to the laws of Her Majesty and the European Union. We take your privacy seriously. Our payment processor is Worldpay, a secure UK based payment site. Rest assured that we never receive or store your credit card details, they remain with Worldpay.

If you don't like what you see, you get your money back. Simple!