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all references to 'idDeals' refer to and include  Iain Webster, the site owner, trading as idDeals

  1. Users shall be entitled to such information displays and capabilities as are appropriate to their membership type as described on the site from time to time and for the period of time so described
  2. It is specifically stated that the standby availability checker application uses airline availability displays, available to travel professionals, as a basis for predicting and forecasting the likely number of unsold seats being made available for sale by participating airlines
  3. Standby availability predictions and forecasts are based on proprietary software which uses the expert experience and knowledge of idDeals and as such the availability checker does not purport to show 'actual' figures but rather an indication which in the sole opinion of idDeals is believed to be of reasonable accuracy
  4. Users of hotel accommodation must be able to reasonably prove that they are currently an employee of a recognised passenger airline, or a retired employee who remains eligible for industry rebate air travel. (see eligibility for more)
  5. The information contained on the site is supplied by individual third party entities or compiled from information made available to the public and/or the travel industry by such entities, and as such idDeals does not make nor imply any recommendation or warranty concerning any and all listed third parties
  6. idDeals is not a booking service and does not act as an agent. It is purely an information, indexing, and referral service. All bookings are made directly by users with the business concerned in whose sole opinion eligibility will be determined
  7. While every reasonable care has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information shown on the site, idDeals accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions and disclaims any responsibility or duty of care towards any users for loss sustained as a result of using this web site for any purpose whatsoever
  8. Members must not share their membership login details with any other individual
  9. Certain measures on the site will detect multiple use of login details and any member known or suspected of abuse shall have their membership immediately terminated without refund
  10. A 'Fair Use' policy applies to the standby availability checker. The definition of 'fair use' is at the sole discretion of idDeals and may be amended from time to time. Anyone who consistently exceeds 50 availabiity requests per 3 day period will be considered to be in breach of 'Fair Use' and may be subject to suspension.
  11. Users agree that idDeals may use their personal data subject only to our strict privacy policy
  12. Iain Webster, as copyright owner reserves all rights with respect to the idDeals web site. Except where permitted by the Copyright Act, no part of this site may be reproduced or copied in any form, without the written approval of Iain Webste
  13. idDeals reserves the right to withdraw from publishing on the site any information at any time in its absolute discretion, including total withdrawal of the service
  14. Users are not entitled to any refund once they have enrolled in the service as a paid member, except as may be provided for under the laws of the country from which they first enrolled.  Other than that required by law, any refund and the amount thereof, that may be granted shall be at the sole discretion of idDeals.