Standby Loads, hotels and cars

Check your standby chances

The standby availability checker lets you see our forecast of the number of seats still open for sale, right now, on almost every scheduled flight worldwide*.

What are the standby forecasts really showing me?

Our standby forecast numbers are an estimate of the number of unsold seats still available for sale to the public at the time you are looking.  A flight may be full or even oversold and yet still show seats available for sale in which case this means that the airline's Revenue Management team are anticipating sufficient 'no-shows' to be confident enough to keep selling.

How does idDeals forecast the number of seats available?

We use flight availability as supplied in real-time via one of the major industry GDS systems as our raw data source. We then pass that data through a number of tables and algorithms, built with our deep industry knowledge, to produce our forecast outputs. In other words, just like Google's search algorithm, 'its a secret'!

How accurate are your forecasts

The lower the number, the more accurate we can be. Zero means there are definitely no seats left open for sale. Once into single digits the forecast is around 95% accurate. Showing between 10-40 seats our forecasts are sufficiently accurate on a relative scale to be trusted and used by our thousands of members since 2003.

*as of Jan2024 we can no longer show Delta Airlines forecasts)

Airline employee hotel rebates NOT publicly available

Search by destination to find over 12,000 global properties that can be instantly booked online. Unlike other sites we only display hotels which offer airline industry rates. And unlike most cheap web prices there is normally no requirement to pay upfront. If you are offloaded then you can normally cancel or postpone your booking without charge, up until the afternoon of arrival.

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Our partnership with Car Trawler brings you best rates in over 134 countries from all the major rental companies. 


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