Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. idDeals does not share your data with any third party marketing partners. Full stop.

Data collected by idDeals from individuals, including any use of COOKIES, is solely for the purposes of -
i) enabling the operation of our website applications including the servicing of your membership
ii) idDeals uses Google analytics in order to better understand the way in which members are using our site. In this respect, we cannot identify you as an individual
iii) enabling you to receive occasional communications from idDeals regarding travel related and other offers which may benefit you by virtue of your association with the travel industry. These marketing messages will only every come directly from us.
You may opt out of ii) and iii)

Your data is held on the idDeals server in the United Kingdom ('UK'). As of 1st January 2021 the UK is no longer a member of the European Union ('EU') although its data protection laws are broadly similar.

The Payment Processors used for membership signup are Worldpay and Stripe, both established global operators.  Your payment card and other details are stored with one of these processors when you set up a recurring payment Agreement. You should satisfy yourself that you agree to the privacy policy of your assigned Payment Processor.  idDeals may access your details held on  one of its Processors but can view only the last 4 digits of your payment card and the card expiry date. idDeals has the ability to cancel your Recurring Payment Agreement but it can not amend any details, including the payment amount, the payment date and duration of the Agreement. For clarification,  idDeals does NOT store your payment card information.

E-mail communications to you from idDeals may be sent in non encrypted format.

idDeals reserves the right to send your data outside of the UK or the EU for the purposes of storage and processing. Unless otherwise indicated here, it does not currently do so.

By signing up for membership you are accepting this policy. However you may choose to opt out of receiving marketing messages from us as described in purpose iii) above. To do so, login from the home page,  go to 'my customer profile', then tick the unsubscribe box

Full details of the data we hold on you

To find out more about exactly what data we hold and the purposes to which it is put click here