Your data

Data you give us when you sign up

When you create your profile on our site you give us the following data which we collect and store until you ask us to completely cancel your membership.

User name
Your airline employer
Country/Region of residence
Your IP address (collected automatically)

The password you create is encrypted and we cannot decipher it.
If you forget your password you may request the ability to create a new one without our intervention. Alternatively you can email directly to and request that we create a new password for you.

Data we collect and store when you use the site

Once you have created a profile we collect and store
Until you ask us to cancel your membership:
IP address you used to sign up
date you signed up
date and IP address of your most recent sign in
dates, amounts, and Worldpay or Stripe  transaction id of all subscription payment
Notes in free format giving details of interactions we have with you regarding your membership queries

For 30 days
date and IP address each time you sign in
(except that your most recent sign in is retained indefinitely)

Data not stored by us but given to third parties and to which we have acess

Worldpay and Stripe
Worldpay and Stripe  are our third party payment processors. In order to complete signup you are linked to either Worldpay or Stripe where you set up a recurring payment agreement. Your payment card details are stored with your payment processor and are subject to their respective data compliance.
You can access your data held by Worldpay here.

idDeals is able to access your Worldpay or Stripe profile and view additional information not held by us. This may include your address and telephone number. We can also view the expiry date and the initial and final four digits of your payment card.

idDeals can also view your full payment transaction history including the fact that your bank may have refused payment.

idDeals has no ability to change any information held by Worldpay or Stripe including the amount and frequency of your recurring payment agreement EXCEPT THAT we may refund an amount to your payment card up to the limit of the amount paid in the transaction and we may also completely cancel your payment agreement.

Google Analytics
idDeals uses Google analytics in order to better understand the way in which members are using our site. However we cannot identify you as an individual.
Promotional emails
When we send you a promotional email we may export your name and email address to a third party email application that enables us to do so. The information we generate and collect here is secure and only accessible and usable by us.
There is an unsubscribe option on your member profile page should wish to opt out of receiving promotional emails.
On the third party email application we may store indefinitely:
email address
email text
number of times you have opened the email
number of times you have clicked any external links contained in the email

Data we hold if you choose to become an Affiliate

Until you ask us to cancel your membership
date and email address of those who sign up via your unique affiliate link
affiliate commissions earned and paid out to you.

Data shared with partners and other third parties

None. We do not share any of your data with anyone beyond as described above for the purposes of operating our site and maintaining your customer records.

Your right to view any data held by us

If you wish to see any or all the data we hold about you please send an email request to

Your right to be forgotten

When you contact us and ask us to cancel your membership all the data we hold on you will be deleted UNLESS you specifically ask us to maintain your profile to make it easier to re-join again at a later date.
If you wish your payment transaction history to be forgotten by Worldpay you must make a separate request to them.

If your membership subscription lapses automatically, for example because your payment card lodged with Worldpay has expired, or your bank has refused to accept a recurring payment, then we may retain your data for a period of time, typically a few months until our next database cleanse of expired memberships. Therefore if you find that your subscription has automatically lapsed you must contact us directly at if you wish to be forgotten immediately.