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Standby availability

The system searches the entire calendar day and return a single scrollable list of flight information. Free VISITOR membership restricts your search to the following day, LITE membership lets you search up to 7 days ahead, and full JETSETTER membership shows forecasts up to 1 year ahead.

Mobile version

When you use a mobile device the site renders in a different way. Everything will automatically fit your smaller screen and scroll easily with a flick of your finger.

But if you still prefer to see the desktop screen version on your mobile device just tick 'prefer results in a table'.


The database is always 'work in progress' as we continue to be add new properties.

Remember, idDeals is the only nonrev site that gives you direct, bookable links to airline industry rates at over 12,000 hotels. This is not a 'white label' of rates you will find anywhere else, but is our own exclusive database. If there is an airline rate available on the date you request you will see it, otherwise you will be offered the lowest public rate.

However,at the top of the hotel listing for each city there is now a link which can be used if you prefer to use a meta-search engine to see a wider range of properties. This provides a combination of results from sites such as, and Agoda.

Car Rental

Our unbeatable rates with our car partner shave a little off rates from all the big global rental companies as well as some of the local ones.


Under the Support menu you will find a list of all those questions you might always have wondered about. If there are questions missing that you want answered just mention it and we can add them.


We hate to mention it, but all good things come to an end. So one day when you want to cancel your subscription just send us an email from the Support area.

And more to come....

We are never finished working on the site. In the pipeline we are continuing to improve and refine the algorithms for our standby forecasts, improve the search on the hotel database, and add more services to help you, the airline employee, get the maximum benefit from working in our great industry.