Hotel Types

To help with your selection we have put the hotels into different categories. This is indicated by the 'Type' column.


These are flagship properties, usually internationally recognised 5 star properties. These can often be great value off-season or off-peak week days. However in the major year round business cities like London and New York it will be rare to find an id rate here.


Expect a consistently high standard of service with all the usual 24/7 amenities of a top class hotel


Popular mid market hotels. These offer a great blend of price and comfort

Super Value

Lowest price, no frills. Minimal or no catering facilities. Be aware that many of these properties can be located some way from city centres and may be difficult to reach by public transport

Properties designed for the longer stay guest. Expect a larger room with sitting area and likely to offer laundry and kitchen facilities either in room or communal areas

Boutique properties with an emphasis on flair and design

These labels are just our subjective categorisation and carry no official endorsement from the property or any recognised ratings organisation.