idDeals offers all QCCUK employees a 25% discount on membership

In order to benefit from the discount  sign-up below for annual full JETSETTER membership and use the coupon code already communicated to you. If you need a reminder, just email me and ask for the QCCUK coupon.

Check your standby chances

The standby availability checker lets you see our forecast of the number of seats still open for sale, right now, on almost every scheduled flight worldwide. Invaluable when you are trying to decide what time to bother heading for the airport standby hassle. The availability checker helps you decide whether to spend another day on the beach, or head home early.

Airline employee hotel rebates NOT publicly available

Search by destination to find over 25,000 global properties that can be instantly booked online. Unlike other sites we only display hotels which offer airline industry rates. And unlike most cheap web prices there is normally no requirement to pay upfront. If you are offloaded then you can normally cancel or postpone your booking without charge, up until the afternoon of arrival.

Car rental, cheaper than public rates

Our partnership with Car Trawler brings you best rates in over 134 countries from all the major rental companies.